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You may have noticed that GuardAmerican does not have advertisers on its site. As a practical matter, that's how websites make money so they can exist. GuardAmerican, as of now, is not making one red cent. We'd like to, of course.


Good question. There are several things. The premise started off with providing registrants with coupons useful at qualified retailers to buy firearm goodies they want. They'd be presented with a link to a time-sensitive discount on products they expressed interest in -- such as by viewing a video (Outdoor Range Ettiquette), or performing a lesson plan (Adjusting Your Sights; for PDF only w/o login, click here).

That way, you'd not get a bunch of irritating advertisements to clutter up your web experience. You'd only get something that would be useful. Still working on this. But doesn't that sound good?

(By the way, if you are prepared to fiddle with your router settings, you can already block all ads. Shhh...don't tell anyone.)

The second method to generate the big bucks American ingenuity is supposed to create: Provide reliable smartphone apps that would discreetly tell CCW/CHL holders if they are in a physical location where packing heat is a no-no. The Post Office parking lot, until yesterday, was exactly one such location.

Current apps for CCW-holders are unreliable, crowd-based, and awful. I have a different plan.

The third method was to provide automatic scoring smartphone apps for use with ranges and connected to lesson plans, if you wanted; and to create a lane reservation app for those of us who live in jurisdictions where indoor ranges are, um, oversubscribed.

When you create an account and log in, additional tabs show up. Useful videos and more. It's free, and I double-pinky-promise: NO SPAM. We just are not even set up to do it, nor would we want to. We hate SPAM, too.

There are a few other things we'd like to do, too. Like help schools with a cloud-based, video-style training for teachers so that they respond properly to an "Active Killer" (Sandy Hook) event. The first two minutes determine whether you live or die. We favor "live." (For an example of a proposal we submitted, click here.)

So that, in a nutshell, is GuardAmerican. I'm desperately looking for funders to help me get this to the next step. I reside in the SF Bay Area, and this is mostly anti-gun around here. It's tough to get a Venture Capitalist to listen without them feeling all oogie about guns.

I've tried saying, "I make adult films with a retired SWAT Captain" to ease into their comfort zone, but so far no joy. One of the things Venture Capitalists do pay attention to is whether anyone is actually going to our humble site. It's very black and white in that world. I like my plan, and need VCs to like it, too.

Anyway, I want you to feel welcome here. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Forum and ask away.

We are totally transparent. You can smack me if I make you feel otherwise.

I love America. I love the quintessential American character. And I am asking for your help.

Update: There are things on the horizon that are significant to consider, too.



The Al Sharpton-ization of Ferguson, MO

UPDATE: Michael Brown is reported to have been high on marijuana when he was shot by Officer Wilson. This fact lends credence to the narrative that Michael Brown advanced menacingly on Darren Wilson (perhaps believing he had been "caught" for his convenience store holdup, as mentioned below).

Original Post:

At the end of the day, Officer Darren Wilson worked (by which I mean "risked his life") every day in a milieu of urban violence outsized for the population of Ferguson.

Why outsized? Because Democrat programs carefully destroyed personal responsibility, turning vast swaths of a once-productive town into wards of the State.

Anyway, Officer Wilson ordered what we now know to be a belligerent man, Michael Brown, to "freeze." In reply, Mr. Brown turned and started aggressively advancing on Officer Wilson. Did this necessitate lethal force? Hard to say. Seems not -- but then, my butt was not on the line, not threatened by someone we now know was entirely comfortable physically assaulting a store owner just minutes before he died.

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Crime & Punishment

Navy Murders: Bad poster-boy for Gun Control

Once again, America coughs up a madman "hiding" in plain view:

And when [murderer Aaron] Alexis was arrested in Seattle in 2004, for shooting at a parked car in what he called an "anger-fueled blackout," he brought up 9/11 during his interrogation and "how those events had disturbed him," police said.

Three years after that arrest, Alexis enlisted in the Navy Reserves and served as an aviation electrician's mate — a third-class petty officer — before he was given an honorable discharge in January 2011.

Military officials acknowledged that Alexis had disciplinary issues including absence without permission, insubordination and disorderly conduct.

And then, in his storied career, he had an "ND" into his apartment ceiling to quiet up his noisy neighbors. Who could possibly have foreseen that he was nuts? The outfit that granted him security clearance?

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Crime & Punishment

The appetite of tyrants

Kim Jong-un's ex-girlfriend was among a dozen well-known North Korean performers who were executed by firing squad nine days ago, according to South Korean reports.

In the NoKo hierarchy of privilege, Hyon Song-wol and her group appear not to be on The List anymore. In fact, they aren't anywhere at all.

That's everything you need to know about tyrants and tyranny. "You break up with me?!!? I break up WITH YOU!":

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3D-Rifle: Someone needs an ejection port

These 3D printed guns are kind of amusing, I guess -- though it's tough to see how they are any different than any old zip gun made out of metal pipes and bailing wire.

3D printed guns sometimes explode, and so do zip guns. But 3D guns will evolve and become actual, desirable guns; while zip guns will always be zip guns. 

Someday -- sooner than we might think -- printing technology is going to upend our whole world.


Long Guns

Public Housing, Gun Control & Crony Capitalism

An issue came up for residents of a Douglas County, Colorado apartment complex because the landlord, Ross Managment, sent out a notice that firearms soon would be banned from the premises. Oh, dear.

But that didn't last long because Douglas County Commissioners stepped in and overruled Ross Management:

Douglas County Director of Public Affairs Wendy Holmes said commissioners were "alarmed" to learn of the policy and pushed the housing authority for "an acceptable and expeditious resolution."

"The Board of Douglas County Commissioners is pleased that the Housing Authority concurred with the Commissioner's position that the policy changes from Ross Management should not move forward. We thank them for a quick and proper conclusion," Holmes said in a statement.

Well, huzzah and hurray we all say. And that's fine. "But what in the hell does Douglas County Director of Public Affairs have to do with owning a gun in your home?," I wondered.

Answer: The housing in question is Public Housing, aka: 'Section 8' subsidized housing.

Okay, fine. It's settled law that Public Housing cannot preclude firearms under recent jurisprudence, though sub-jurisdictions ("public spaces within public housing") are being litigated. My opinion on the current trajectory of court cases is that Gun Rights advocates will generally win those disputes.

But why, I wondered, would Ross Management Company issue this stupid anti-gun restriction at Castle Rock Apartments in the first place? The answer is in the management of Ross Management.

Ross Management Company is a boutique part of a non-profit entity run by the Ross family to manage government contracts for the benefit of the Ross family. Who are the Ross's? Strong Democrat supporters, of course:

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Crime down, gun ownership up. Duh.

NSSF provides this infographic (always a fun way to obtain distilled information) giving a few details on the obvious: Crimes have gone down as firearm ownership across America has gone up.

The liberal media is always confounded by this. Full graphic after the jump:

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Crime & Punishment

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