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NEW YORK: AW Ban, Mag Limit, Registry, Permit Renewals

CBS New York is reporting on further details of gun legislation likely to be passed: "Assault Weapon" ban, magazine limits to seven rounds (reported earlier), gun registry, and renewal of licenses every five years.

In addition, penalties for use of a gun during a crime will be stiffened, and penalties for bringing a gun on campus will be more harsh.

In order of appearance:

  1. The AW ban grandfathers in existing firearms, but makes it illegal to transfer them to anyone else.
  2. No magazine can be sold or transferred in New York that can hold more than 7 rounds.
  3. Creation of some sort of gun registration process.
  4. Firearms licenses will now be renewed every five years, which seems like a money grab.
  5. Making criminal penalties for crime, I suppose, is always good.
  6. Making schools gun-free zones even, somehow, more gun free is just blather.

So, New Yorkers, your head is first on the block. I expect we will see some versions of some of these things, nationally. Whether by "Executive Order" or not, we cannot know.

Update: Mayor Waggy-Finger urges Pres. Obama to defy the U.S. Constitution and implement gun regulations and bans under Executive Order.

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