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Wife-Beater? As Sheriff??!!??

Getting a Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) permit in San Francisco is impossible, and has been for years. California is a 'may issue' jurisdiction, which means that the local sheriff has near-absolute authority on whether or not to give you official permission to carry a gun. In San Francisco, retired Sheriff Michael Hennessey spent whole decades not issuing CCWs. Replacing him came Ross Mirkarimi, one-time reliably-left Supervisor. Mirkarimi never spent time as anything resembling a cop as you might think of it. Like many career politicians, he went directly from university to cushy government sinecure.

This miscreant never walked a beat in his life. But, winning a popular election in 2010, he did beat his wife.

This is not alleged. He pled guilty. As a confirmed wife-beater, Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, whom I'll just refer to as Sheriff Wife Beater from here on out, went on KQED FM radio (local PBS affiliate) and pled out his more important case: public opinion.

I listened to the whiner on that broadcast blame everyone else but himself. "All taken out of context," he explained. He didn't really "beat" his wife, he said. "Why look!," he'll point out, "She's still at my side!" Two words: Stockholm Syndrome.

This repulsive guttersnipe has now won his months-long battle to preserve his pension. The SF Board of Supervisors succumbed to the mob before them yesterday and voted to reinstate Sheriff Wife-Beater as upholder of The Law. And, of course, non-doler-outer of CCWs.

The great irony is, as Capt. Nick points out, Sheriff Wife Beater is the only sheriff in America who cannot legally carry a gun.

And this "man" (I use the term loosely) gets to pass judgment on me. My fantasy is to arrange a meeting with him, look him in the eye, and ask him why he won't issue me, personally, a CCW.

"Because you're afraid I'll act like you, Sheriff?"

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