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Empty shoes

Charles Woods and members of his family appeared with Sean Hannity on Fox yesterday to look further into the Obama administration's actions -- or inaction -- that led directly to his son, Ty Woods, being sacrificed on a worthless piece of soil in Benghazi. While the administration watched, in real time.

Ty Woods, fighting on a rooftop for more than 7 hours, was denied -- three times -- support from readily available military assets. Charles Woods wants to know who gave that order.

So do I.

Watch the video, particularly the last two minutes. Charles Woods' words will be what I hold in my heart as I walk the precincts in Colorado, which I plan to do by week's end.

Yes, Hurricane Sandy is a big story. But one man sacrificing his life for another while the highest administration officials watched and did nothing is a lasting comment on who America is today, and may become.

Jesus wept.

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