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GUN BAN: Questions needing answers

I spent about an hour this morning trying to contact my United States Senator, Diane Feinstein. I wanted some questions answered that arise after reviewing her published data on her proposed Bill re-instituting and lengthening the "Assault Weapons Ban." This Bill will be introduced in the senate on Monday, January 3, 2013. Enactment will overwhelm the ATF.

Here's a convenient list of questions to ask the "legislative office" when they stroll back in to work on Monday (202-224-3841):

  1. What guns are included in the "120 specifically-named firearms" that the Bill will ban the "sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of"? Is there a list somewhere?
  2. Are the "certain other" "rifles, handguns" and "shotguns" that use detachable magazines included in the "120 specifically-named firearms" above?
  3. Does this Bill include any means for confiscating currently-owned firearms or attachments?
  4. Does Senator Diane Feinstein understand that making it illegal to sell or transfer privately-owned property might be considered an "illegal taking" or otherwise require compensation?
  5. What is the "characteristic" contemplated for the "1-characteristic test"?
  6. The summary states that rifles with "bullet buttons" will be banned. Does the senator understand that this will outlaw every rifle in California, as well as many in other states?
  7. Did the senator mean something other than banning the "bullet button"?
  8. Under the "grandfathering" provision, will this permit "sale or transfer" of such firearms? How will this be enforced?
  9. Under the "exemptions" language, is there a list somewhere of the "900 specifically-named weapons" that the senator believes are for "legitimate" "hunting" or "sporting" purposes?
  10. What does the senator mean by exempting "manually-operated" firearms?
  11. It appears that the proposed legislation will create a national gun registry. Is that true?
  12. If the gun registry is contemplated, is the senator aware that gun registration has been a total failure in Canada and been recently abandoned?
  13. Will registration require that every gun owner re-submit to a background check in addition to any NICS check they underwent at original sale? Who will pay for that?
  14. The summary states "positive identification," presumably for gun owners, to provide a photograph of themselves and a fingerprint. Who will pay for that?
  15. The summary states "certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law." How do you imagine that being conducted? Who will pay for that?
  16. How will compliance with this bill be enforced? House-to-house searches?
  17. Re: "Type and serial number of firearm," what will be done with firearms that were manufactured without a serial number?

Be nice,  be firm. Get specific answers to these questions.

In my experience, even writing an email with specific questions does not yield specific answers. But give it a try.

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