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DiFi Gun Registry will overwhelm ATF

TheTruthAboutGuns is reporting that the gun bill proposed by Sen. Diane Feinstein to be introduced this coming Monday, January 3, 2013 (the first day in session -- Happy New Year!) will require owners of "Assault Weapons" to register with the NFA (National Firearms Act) branch of the ATF.

The problem they point out is that the NFA branch currently issues tax stamps and authorizes ownership of suppressors (aka "silencers"), and are six months behind in doing that.

Since "Assault Weapons" doesn't just include rifles anymore -- it is already a politically-charged and meaningless phrase -- the senator imagines inundating Window C at the ATF/NFA office will somehow accomodate a line some 100-million would-be registrants long.

Are you starting to get the impression that Diane Feinstein is not very smart?

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