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If one Right falls, they all do

"The administration has vowed, by the end of the month, to produce a comprehensive plan for addressing gun violence in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting massacre in which 20 children and six adults were killed. The administration says mental health and the entertainment industry also may be examined." - FoxNews, January 8, 2013

Anything in the above quote catch your attention? The word "comprehensive" maybe? Oh, yes, we've all grown accustomed to anything the federal government does being necessarily money-no-object "comprehensive."

But do you know what was "comprehensive" recently? The State of Connecticut's failure to enact legislation before them last summer that would have assisted Nancy Lanza in institutionalizing her demented son. Connecticut considered what is termed "Assisted Outpatient Treatment" (AOT) laws just months before Sandy Hook.

The failed deliberations involved Jan VanTessel, Executive Director of the Connecticut Legal Rights Project, who declared, "I think one thing we all agreed on was the fact that probably one of the most fundamental things we could do to promote the recovery and stability of folks is housing."

As far as comprehensiveness goes, I think murderer Adam Lanza was comprehensively housed in an upscale Connecticut neighborhood with all his needs comprehensively met. So Executive Director VanTessel appears to have comprehensively missed the mark. With an assist from the ACLU, the proposed law was comprehensively abandoned.

You know another comprehensive failure recently? The State of New York. They were keeping a close eye on convicted felon William Spengler, under careful supervision by the state's Department of Corrections who managed his parole after he served 17 years for hammering his grandmother to death. Mr. Spengler illegally ended up with a firearm, assisted by Dawn Nguyen. William Spengler set fire to his neighborhood and called for firemen to show up, whom he comprehensively shot and killed. Helpfully, Mr. Spengler left a note explaining everything: he wanted to do what he "liked doing best, killing people."

Somehow, this prediliction seems to have comprehensively escaped the careful, comprehensive supervision of the State of New York.

So here we have two atrocities committed one after another; preceded two weeks earlier by another murder in Oregon; and that preceded by murderer James Holmes of Batman infamy; and that preceded by Jared Loughner, of whom his school required psychiatric clearance before they'd let him back in; all of which were committed by people known by authorities to be mentally deranged. And yet mental health is merely an aside, something of peripheral concern in the administration's comprehensive plans. 

Dealing with the mentally disturbed is unpleasant and brings up all sorts of unpleasant possibilities. It is not an easy subject.

So the administration, either because it is lazy or has some other agenda, has decided to focus all of its attention on "comprehensive" legislation that comprehensively attacks the constitutionally-protected Rights of citizens who are not insane. If we allow this to happen, if we permit the fundamental Human Right to keep and bear arms protected within the framework of our laws to be traduced and collapsed, there will be little else restraining politicians from "comprehensively" addressing other problematic Rights.

Such as Free Speech. That's on the agenda, too.

As FoxNews reports, "Biden's recommendations are likely to include proposals for...executive action Obama can sign into law without lawmakers' approval." (emphasis mine)

Where are the "checks and balances" in that? Is this how a mature Republic is supposed to be governed?

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