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The danger of a Bi-Cultural America

As the saying goes, "If you find pieces of a tattered American flag on the floor, for God's sake, bend down and pick them up."

To get it in tatters in the first place, however, you might need a little help. Lexington, South Carolina high school teacher Scott Compton lends a hand -- or rather, a boot:

A South Carolina teacher might lose his job after allegations that he stomped on the American flag in front of his honors English class.
Scott Compton repeated the action in three classes over the course of the day at Chapin High School, according to WIS-TV. Compton was attempting to show that America is an “inspirational idea” while the physical flag is just a piece of cloth. Compton’s attorney, Darryl D. Smalls, said that the teacher ... was using the action to demonstrate that America is greater than the “material objects that represent it.”
I don't know how inspired Mr. Compton's students were, but I do know the parents in this military town were less than happy about his instruction. He has been suspended pending administrative review.
Truth be told, I agree with Mr. Compton's lesson, if not the method. The American flag represents an idea that cannot be destroyed no matter how enthusiastically he stomps on it in class.
In America's supposedly 50-50 nation (or schooled by the election results, 48.7-50.3), one of the ideas protected by our Constitution and represented by our flag is under attack: the Right to keep and bear arms. Pace Lexington parents' concerns over Mr. Compton's Riverdance on the Stars & Stripes, I'm somewhat more concerned about that.
As I alluded to the other day, some countries are suffering the results of being "bi-cultural." This is distinct from the multicultural rainbow coalition over which Jesse Jackson presides, divvying up the American pie (to mix my metaphors). When the appetites of every color in that rainbow are catered to the internal contradictions become a little problematic. Fights are bound to break out when your fork stabs the other guy's hand grabbing your slice.
A new demarcation has appeared over the last few elections splitting America between urban, liberal Democrats and rural, conservative Republicans. Generally speaking, this last go around was won by the cities. If you bring up an electoral result map showing county-by-county voting patterns you will see broad swaths of red measled by urban blue dots all across the land.
It so happens that non-criminal Americans who own guns have for generations more typically lived in rural counties than urban. This new divide seems to reflect the voting patterns we experienced in November. Since Sandy Hook, gun control has been foremost in our national debates. There have been calls for outright gun confiscation -- in Iowa (Pop. 3.1M). Conversely, Wyoming (Pop. 550k)  is contemplating a bill that would make it a felony for the federal government to take them.
Marine Jon Davis wrote a dystopian piece on Quora about what would happen if every state in the union went to war against each other. It is a good bit and has been read about 41,000 times. He wrote this well before Sandy Hook, well before Gun Control cleaved the nation again in two. So what I think is interesting is that Jon's piece attracted so much...interest.
Back before multiculturalism, before the Rainbow Coalition -- before identity politics, 8-year doctoral programs in women's studies and 32-year-old college student's Congressional condom testimony -- the rights protected in our Constitution applied equally to all. Today there is a concerted, coordinated effort to undermine that union by subordinating those rights, pitting one-half of America against the other. America is turning into a bi-cultural nation.
This will not lead to harmony. This will not end well. The tattered pieces of our flag are being strewn upon the floor. Shall we bend down to pick them up? Or like Mr. Compton, dance the days away?

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