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Gun control first - sharp, pointy things next

The MailOnline is reporting about a "chilling array of weapons seized" by Britain's West Midlands police force in an "anti-violence crackdown."

"Gun Violence," Pres. Obama's current focus, is yesterday's news in Britain. Now that "gun violence" has been dealt with in Old Blighty, they are pursuing sharp, pointy things. And shortly after sharp, pointy things comes bats -- though curiously, not cricket bats, but American baseball bats. Is there any form of violence America doesn't export?

After sharp, pointy things and baseball bats come wooden dowels and -- particularly -- nails. As in nails used for construction or hanging pictures. Those have to go, too, because, well, judge for yourself:

That's mighty scary! If you were to get lovingly carressed by one of these you'd be unlikely to escape unharmed.

The British medical community is in on the gig, too. The Daily Mail reports:

The force, which is the UK's second largest, has launched its campaign alongside doctors and the families of victims of knife crime.

Superintendent Basit Javid said: 'It is illegal to carry a knife in public and if, like me, people believe that one knife related crime is one too many, they must make a stand and come forward with information which will help us tackle the problem.'

It's odd that, of the many, many sharp-pointy-things confiscated by the British constabulary, so many appear to be identical to items you have hanging around in your kitchen drawer!!

I'm not joking, here. Go look. I'm betting you have at least one or two of these things in your kitchen, right now. Maybe even provocatively displayed in a wood block on the countertop where children might get at them!!!!

There really oughta be a law.

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