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Needed: uniform involuntary confinement laws

While politicians are busy whipping up passions about guns, one thing they could have done something about, something they were and are responsible for, seems to have slipped their minds: protecting society from the criminally insane.

It is a difficult issue. What such laws must consider is depriving someone of their Constitutionally-protected Rights. But then, they seem perfectly willing to eviscerate some Rights, but not others.

Connecticut is one of only a few states that do not have "Assisted Outpatient Treatment" programs. Such programs typically authorize detaining someone if it is believed they will be a danger to themselves or others. It is a compassionate program, though wielded by an all-powerful State.

The Connecticut legislature considered a bill just last summer that conceivably could have assisted Nancy Lanza in her attempts to involuntarily institutionalize her son. But it was rejected, likely for economic considerations, not ethical ones.

Former Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge, said, "It’s a cultural and mental health problem and it’s something we need to address soon and seriously." GuardAmerican agrees.

So how about taking up this issue, Senators? Depriving freeborn citizens of their natural-born liberties seems right up your alley.

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