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Gun Issues Summary: Gird yourself for the New Year

What can we do? This is the question, isn't it? What can we, as a society, do? What about you, as a parent?

Is it possible, under our legal system and within the confines of the Rights protected under the U.S. Constitution, to get rid of guns? The answer is clearly "No." The current legal trajectory has been to affirm ownership and carry.

How about the opposite direction: adding more guns? Is that possible? Yes, but the concept has been widely ridiculed and rejected (see Earlier Calls for Armed Presence at Schools not Ridiculed).

What about making sure whackos don't get guns? Well, that is already the law. In the Sandy Hook case, Nancy Lanza broke the laws in Connecticut regarding responsible storage and permitted access to firearms by her noticeably disturbed son. Bad call there, effectively resulting in an elaborate suicide that took 25 innocents with her.

Even more recently, the Rochester, NY murder of two volunteer firemen occurred because Dawn Nguyen (pictured above) purchased in 2010 the two guns used by William Spengler in that heinous act.

Even further to malfeasance by the State: murderer William Spengler was under direct supervision by the State of New York. So a murderer committed murder in the State of New York while being watched closely by the State of New York.

So what's to know about these two, very recent crimes? It appears that illegal acts led to more illegal acts. In the case of murderer William Spengler, the State comprehensively failed to enforce the law. Does it therefore mean that making those acts somehow even more illegal makes sense? Obviously not.

Though no reports indicate that "straw buyer" Dawn Nguyen is anything but mentally competent, that is not so for Adam Lanza. Nor James Holmes. Nor Jared Loughner. Nor…well: need I go on?

So there is a nexus between violent massacres and and the mentally disturbed. Perhaps that's worth examining more. That was one of the NRA's conclusion; they have been pilloried for it.

Sandy Hook shows the failure of both individuals and the State: Connecticut  rejected a law that would have enabled Nancy Lanza to involuntarily commit her son (likely for pecuniary reasons).

I've been harping that there is something society could do almost immediately that will set unambiguous Public Policy: standardized, national, gun-storage laws.

I have set forth a discussion for Policies Further Regulating Guns in the United States of America.

As I wrote on December 14th, the innocents of Sandy Hook demand an answer (Would a really awful mass shooting be sufficient to shift the balance of American opinion in favor of greater restrictions on handguns?). I have thought about this quite a bit, and even more lately.
Senator Diane Feinstein has published her proposed legislation. It is unlikely to be compliant with the United States Constitution. In other words, a U.S. Senator is proposing legislation that is worthless. See the questions that it creates.

For you, for our society, there are answers. They are not necessarily easy. As a company, GuardAmerican is offering one answer that is already being widely embraced.

I care about this issue, deeply. Whatever we do, whatever you do, we must find meaning in what was, in the end, an incomprehensibly meaningless act.

This is as much as I have thus far. I welcome your thoughts.


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