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The President floats a new phrase

"Gun violence legislation," the new formulation for those intent on disarming citizens, was unveiled today by Pres. Obama on Meet the Press, intoning that he'd "like to get it done in the first year." I suspect we'll come to find more emphasis on "gun" than "violence" in whatever Vice Pres. Joe Biden's task force coughs up, but it will be "specific" the president promises. As "specific" as Sen. Diane Feinstein's proposed legislation?

Maybe more so.

You may remember Meet the Press, hosted as it is by David Gregory. David Gregory made headlines last week by waving around an illegally possessed, high-capacity magazine below Wayne LaPierre's nose. For this crime, explicitly set forth in the penal code of Washington DC, David Gregory was "investigated."

By curious coincidence Darryl Max Dookhran also illegally possessed a high-capacity magazine last week -- at a school, no less -- in violation of Boston's penal code. Someone noticed Mr. Dookhran's heater in his backpack and notified authorities. He has been arrested and for all I know is still cooling his heels in jail. It was reported that Mr. Dookhran struggled a bit as he was taken in to custody. He really should've known better.

With a little planning, Mr. Dookhran could have arranged to display his crime in front of millions -- well, maybe hundreds -- of viewers and simply been investigated. Instead, he had his gun inside his backpack, more or less hidden from view, except to the eagle eye of an anonymous citizen who snitched to the authorities who promptly arrested him.

By even more curious coincidence, David Gregory's children attend Sidwell Friends school in Washington, enjoying the company of the President's own children, all under heavily armed guard. More curious still: the excitable David Gregory was unavailable to host Meet the Press yesterday despite the president's on-air appearance to discuss the very issue that so stirs Mr. Gregory.

No doubt it would have been a little inconvenient for two members of the Ruling Class to be seen chatting amiably about how all those right-wing knuckle draggers really need to get with the program -- that they really need to get behind "gun violence legislation."

Charitably, Pres. Obama announced he will talk with "anyone." Although I'm a bit busy, Mr. President, I would be delighted to speak with you.

Unlike Mr. Gregory. 


0 # Kirk Kelsen 2012-12-30 18:40
And even more curious still: President Obama flat-out ignored the blue ribbon commission suggestions on how to correct America's declining economic course.

Do you suppose he will be so cavalier about what VP Biden suggests? Why do you suppose that is?
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