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Own a gun, sure…but do I have time to learn about it? Where?

So you've bought a gun, or are thinking about it. Now what? That's part of the question a TTAG reader asks in Robert Farago's highly-regarded site. TTAG says:

Reader Tommy Knocker got through Zack Pike’s review of the advanced pistol course he took at U.S. Shooting Academy and he ain’t buying it. Tommy figures that because such a small percentage of shooters will ever actually take a training class, all this training talk is just dust in the wind.

There follows an interesting back-of-the-envelope caluclation about the number of training resources vs. the number of CCW holders in America, and the numbers come up short. Add to that the training and commitment required to responsibly own a gun, and Tommy Knockers says it ain't gonna happen. 

"Dust in the wind?" Maybe not.

GuardAmerican is in the business of providing qualified information from known experts. There are many different fields to cover when talking about guns, and we'll be getting to them all. Capt. Nicholas C. Gottuso (Ret.) is GuardAmerican's go-to guy. He is a former cop with 32 years experience and was Regional SWAT Commander at retirement. He is a CWI and is definitely qualified.

We're willing to share him with you. Capt. Nick is personally supplying curricula and training materials that you can access online (link requires registration).

"Oh, great...more reading," you say. Okay. Fine. Podcast versions, then.

"But I wanna see what he's talking about." Okay. We're doing that, too. Videos -- usually 5 minutes or so -- relay information in a really concise, digestible, and memorable form.

"And I wanna discuss my needs with others and compare their experiences. In a forum. That's moderated." Done (registration required to post).

"But what about keeping track of how I do at the range?" We've got you covered there, too.

"You know...I own a lot of gun stuff, and it'd be handy to keep track of it all." Come on now. Really? Well, okay. Here's a gun safe (visible after you register) where you can keep track of your arsenal, number of rounds fired, magazines you use, and notes on your experience.

"Oh, I'm gonna tell you all about my stuff." Well, true. That's up to you. But we do have a privacy policy. GuardAmerican supplies these tools because they are useful for us, and we think you'll like them, too.

For a while, as we ramp up this business, we are supplying all of this goodness free of charge. Putting these things together has been, um, expensive. For instance, every viewable minute of produced video typically costs about $1,000. Five-minute video? $5,000.

So at some point later this year, unless we opt for the official GuardAmerican cat-food diet, we'll need to start charging. But for now, it's free.

All you need to do is register. Did I mention you should register?

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