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Sandy Hook: We need unambiguous gun storage laws


The news just gets more frustrating with every passing day: FoxNews is reporting Nancy Lanza was so concerned about her son's deteriorating mental condition that she sought formal, legal conservatorship of him (murderer Adam Lanza was legally an adult).

So Nancy Lanza had more than just a mild concern over her murderous son's mental stability. And yet she did not secure her firearms?

This was a mistake that she marked paid with her life. But her egregious negligence cost the lives of 20 children, and seven adults. And, of course, her son. But I don't count him.

I've dicussed sanity and the Second Amendment recently. I stand by that bit. Trying to find a clear path through the thicket medicalizing gun ownership is tough.

But there is a simple and clear path that every American should insist on: Unambiguous standards for securing firearms.

P.S.: If you're a Quora addict, you can weigh in there.


0 # Doug 2012-12-26 07:53
Um, no thanks. I don't want to be forced to lock my guns up (I sleep with a rifle next to my bed, gun cabinet is in the living room) and I don't want to pay citations because some bureaucrat noticed I left my rifle out. Less freedom is not the answer.

Imagine: police execute a no-knock raid on a house....the wrong house. An innocent homeowner and his family are scared to death. Embarrassed, the police force tries to find something to pin on someone while they're inside, and notice a weapon is not stored according to law, so they arrest or cite the homeowner.
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0 # Kirk Kelsen 2012-12-26 13:20
Well, there's that. But there is a move afoot in America following Sandy Hook to simply confiscate and/or ban guns and property (Gov. Cuomo of NY). I suspect we readily agree this is bad.

I favor unambiguous gun storage laws issued at the federal level. We no doubt would agree, again, that such laws will be used as leverage by Statists to deny gun ownership by Americans altogether. At least they will try to.

But let's turn the conversation toward individual responsibility, which such a regulation would ideally focus on.

At least, that's my thinking.
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