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The Law

I don't know why, and for no particular reason, it was especially borne in on me this morning that Obamacare is in fact the law of the land. I think it may have been when I was listening to NPR as they derided a libertarian group that is challenging Obamacare on the basis of funding mechanisms.

Healthcare, itself, is complex enough. Now it is freighted with the additional complexities of the entire United States tax code and moral disagreements over abortion funding, among other ethical concerns.
And for some reason, just now, I realize how completely inescapable this law is. Until the American Healthcare Act is repealed, if it is repealed, we are trapped. If we need healthcare we will be required to access it via Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, accepting whatever it is she says we may have.
Poking about the interweb I clicked on over to visit Sec. Sebelius's hip and with-it site and found this:
This is "Abby S. of Minnesota" according to You can read all about her "story" here. For some reason, the newly-enfranchised bureaucrats at the Dept. of Health and Human Services thought she should be the face of Obamacare. Her image is the very first you see when visiting to learn about it.
I don't know Abby S. and didn't read her tale. She's probably a very nice person with very real needs being properly addressed by this monumental Act. I do want to thank her for giving me and all Americans an exceedingly apt expression to wear when being delivered healthcare via the new healthcare delivery systems.
I'm sad to report that (contravening my earlier Pollyanna-isms), even if Obamacare is repealed, the Roberts' Court decision has irreversibly damaged our Constitution -- except by reversal of the court itself (see stare decisis). And reversal by the Supreme Court seems rather unlikely.
Notwithstanding Abby S's apparent glee, an overwhelming majority of Americans reject Obamacare for a variety of reasons. They don't want it, but they've got it anyway.
The federal government of the United States of America has ceased to inhere the Will of The People. I cannot imagine a more dangerous thing for any State to do.

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